Our mission is to nurture and grow tech-enabled products and turn them from ideas to companies.

We are a community oriented brand and we’re open to connecting and collaborating when there’s alignment.

We leverage a vast network of relationships to develop and shape business plans and confirm product/market validation, recruit founding leadership, secure client partners and investment capital to position these early stage projects and businesses for accelerated growth.

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Meet the founder

Marc Guirand is passionate about enhancing life using technology. He discovered early in life that his mission is to help others recognize their potential and realize their dreams and he’s excited to do that as an entrepreneur.

Marc is leveraging his venture studio as a way to help other entrepreneurs, innovators and creators transform ideas into viable products and companies that can bring actual change and solutions to everyday problems.


Everything Marc does starts and ends with data.


Marc is a life-long learner who thinks there’s always more meaning to discover; generally not satisfied with his current scope of understanding of the world.


Marc appreciates honest, collaborative relationships around aligned passions and hobbies.


Marc tries to focus on outcomes and not just next steps.


Technology is always evolving. One of the key jobs of an innovator is to consume knowledge voraciously. It’s important to know your market. Marc is passionate about knowing what’s possible and effective. That’s his edge.


If you can try, test, optimize, and repeat, you’re going to be friends. Marc genuinely wants to learn more about the best you’ve discovered.


Marc loves to solve problems quickly and efficiently. He tries to minimize spending money on things that don’t work. He minimizes wasting money and time on solutions that have been replaced by better alternatives.

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