Derisk.vc is a remote-first Venture Studio. The studio was founded by Marc Guirand, an entrepreneur and creative technologist with a background in Business Operations and Investment Banking. Derisk.vc develops, incubates, launches and “de-risks” his early-stage startups, projects and other initiatives.

Derisk.vc was inspired by Leo Polovets and his writing on Coding VC. If you’re interested in learning more, I recommend starting with How to De-Risk a Startup.

Mission: “De-risking” entrepreneurship at scale.

Vision: Democratization of entrepreneurship at scale.

  • Derisk Venture Studio specializes in developing ideas into products and products into tech-enabled companies.
  • Derisk Venture Studio provides fractional COO services to early stage startups and supports their founders.
  • Derisk Venture Studio helps entrepreneurs raise investment by using proprietary processes and frameworks – optimizing their pitch to attract and close investors.
    • In the process of getting entrepreneurs “investor-ready”, Derisk Venture Studio helps founders “de-risk” their ventures at the early stages (Pre-seed to Series B).
    • The service / solution is delivered in the form of personalized business documentation / infrastructure and resiliency assessments
  • Derisk Venture Studio provides investment scouting services, presenting investors with investable startup opportunities.
  • Derisk Venture Studio is actively nurturing relationships with an active investor network of angels, VCs and impact investors.